Koinonia Singles Group

We want to help create a group for single people to hang out, have fun, enjoy being single, and make new friends! It’s specifically for people ages 25-40ish. It’s not always easy to find people and places to hang out here in the Valley. 
Being single is awesome and worth celebrating!
Let’s enjoy this season together!
Make sure to mark your calendars for the first Saturday of each month!

Life is so much better together! Let’s hang out and hit some golf balls!

You do not need to be a regular golfer to participate! Actually, the point is to learn something new while possibly meeting someone new! We will have a short lesson from a professional golf instructor, followed by some time on the green to put our new skills into practice. If you are already an avid golfer, even better! Most likely you’ll win for best of the day, and have plenty of time to laugh with some new friends.

  • Date: November 7th
  • Time: 10am
  • Place: We’re starting at the Koinonia Church Parking Lot and will head to our destination from there.
  • Who’s invited: Single people ages 25-40
  • Cost: $10 pays for both the lesson and the time playing