Personal Growth Recovery Groups

Personal Growth Recovery Groups were formed to provide specific, need meeting opportunities for our church family as well as the community at large.  We strive to provide quality individual and group experiences that have life changing features. 
Registration for all PG Recovery Groups is open until 3 weeks after the start date-there is no need to register-just show up to class.  All groups are located at our Koinonia Campus, unless otherwise noted.  For more information contact the Kings Counseling Center at 559-584-2819.

Tuesdays • 6:30-8pm • Classes Start March  2

Anger Management Group • Always Open
Everyone is welcome to join the discussion at any time in this group that processes anger issues. You will learn that you can overcome your own battle with anger and hostility and that it does not have to control your life and your relationships.
Conquer Series • Material Fee $25 • MEN ONLY
If this group you will find powerful tools to help you; clear your life of pornography and set up boundaries, make enduring commitments to change, manage emotional triggers, journey through the full disclosure process and deal with the underlying shame, and understand strongholds of the enemy in your life and begin to break them down.
Co-Parenting • Materials Fee $20
The parent-child relationship is the foundational relationship upon which the child will build all future relationships.
Grief & Loss • Materials Fee $20
This group is designed to help participants recover from the deep hurt that comes with the loss of some- one close or the loss of self-esteem from a dysfunctional family or origin. Group members will interact in a safe environment to explore hurtful beliefs that create a limited life quality. We will develop new skills for both redefining self and renegotiating relationships.
Self-Esteem Class • Materials Fee $20
This group will discuss and learn tools on how to overcome low self-esteem.
Divorce Care • Materials Fee $20-Starts June 2021
This class gives you a unique look at how family and relationships history shapes so many areas of your life, provides solid advice for dealing with the past, and lays out specific strategies for creating a strong, loving relationships moving forward.