Refresh 2020 Marriage Conference February 7-8 at Tenaya Lodge In Yosemite

The Marriage Refresher is designed to do just that–Refresh. It will not fix every challenge you face in your relationship, nor will it erase all the mistakes of the past. But it will give you the opportunity to get away–Just the Two of you – and take a deep refreshing breath! Isn’t it time you escaped the daily grind and ran away together, just to breathe again? During our gatherings we will talk about tools and strategies designed to build our relationship for the long term. You’ll be reminded of some things forgotten and perhaps add a few new tools to your marriage toolbox. In the evening and during our breaks, enjoy all the winter activities at Tenaya including snowshoe hiking, ice skating and sledding. And if that all sounds too fast paced, you can always schedule a massage, a horse drawn sleigh ride or hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.
Conference is $75/couple
Hotel must be booked directly through Tenaya Lodge or another hotel.
Great Marriage Resources
MarriedLife is designed to help your marriage. Our events are a blend of fun interaction and helpful content that will give you practical ways to improve your marriage day to day. Engaged and married couples are invited to attend, and even if your spouse isn’t able to make it, you can come and learn and grow anyway!
For those not yet married…
If you’re planning to get married, we offer an incredible class called Building a Better Marriage three times a year, we also offer pre-marriage counseling that includes very helpful tools like SYMBIS which will help give you a snapshot of your relationship and practical ways so that you can get started off on the right foot.
For those married…
Whether you’re struggling in your marriage or doing great, we offer practical marriage counseling and tools that can help you grow and get better. The Building a Better Marriage class which is offered three times a year is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship. Our Marriage Mentoring ministry pairs you with a more experienced couple who can coach and encourage you in your marriage.
Contact our office at 559-582-1528 if you would like more information about meeting with a counselor.

Marriage Mentoring

Are you a couple looking to learn from a more experienced couple?  Or are you a couple looking to help new couples launch lifelong love, help repair love that’s lost its way, or show couples how to move from good to great?  Don’t buy the lie that says your own marriage needs to be perfect first, married couples want mentors who have made it through struggles.  Become a certified Marriage Mentor!
Cost: $49 for materials
Email Rene or Jen Solis for more information.
Download application:

Wednesday’s starting January 15, 6:30pm

Building a Successful Marriage • $35 optional assessment • Koinonia Main Campus
If you are married or engaged this 6-week class if for you! Discuss the foundations necessary for a successful marriage. This class is a must if you are requesting a Koinonia pastor to perform your wedding ceremony.
Future Dates: May 13 & August 19
Topics Include:
  • Relational Pillars and Emotional Termites
  • Psycho-social Patterns
  • How to Have a Fight
  • Finances
  • Love and Romance
  • Spiritual Leadership