MarriedLife is designed to help your marriage. Our events are a blend of fun interaction and helpful content that will give you practical ways to improve your marriage day to day. Engaged and married couples are invited to attend, and even if your spouse isn’t able to make it, you can come and learn and grow anyway!
For those not yet married…
If you’re planning to get married, we offer an incredible class called Building a Successful Marriage three times a year, we also offer pre-marriage counseling that includes very helpful tools like SYMBIS which will help give you a snapshot of your relationship and practical ways so that you can get started off on the right foot.
For those married…
Whether you’re struggling in your marriage or doing great, we offer practical marriage counseling and tools that can help you grow and get better. The Building a Successful Marriage class which is offered three times a year is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship. Our Marriage Mentoring ministry pairs you with a more experienced couple who can coach and encourage you in your marriage.
Contact our office at 559-582-1528 if you would like more information about meeting with a counselor.

MarriedLife Events


Take a Step CLOSER to your spouse by connecting with them at this Married Life event!

Everything we do in marriage either leads to connection or disconnection.

The common denominator for a connected marriage is thinking the best of our spouse. That’s because your thoughts are not your attitudes or your actions, but they absolutely impact both.

Join us on August 12th, to grow in your marriage with your spouse and connect on a new level!

Cost: $20/couple

Childcare is available for ages 11 and under, $5/child with a family max of $10. Childcare space is limited. 

Doors open at 6pm, event starts at 6:30pm. 
Register for the event here!
Begins on Wednesdays
on May 4th from 6pm-8pm.
Register by clicking on the image above!
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