Koinonia School Of Ministry • First Term: August 24-December 5, 2020 • Mondays at 6:30pm
Both academic and practical ministry training for all those seeking to grow in their faith, Biblical understanding, and spiritual gifts. Our School of Ministry is looking to help you build a deeper understanding in these areas for your personal journey, professional life or ministry call.
Cost for all 3 terms is $425. Cost includes all books. Non-Refundable Down payment of $125. Full balance due September 4.
Registration deadline is August 9, 2020.
Next open registration is Fall 2021.
Have questions? Check out our FAQ below. If you still have questions, we would love to help! Email ksm@kchanford.com
3 Terms
First Term: August 24-December 5, 2020. Mondays at 630pm
Courses: Basic Doctrine part 1, OT Survey, Intro to Bible Study
Second Term: January 11-May 10, 2021
Courses: Basic Doctrine part 2, NT Survey, Decision Making in Leadership
Third Term: September 6-December 13, 2021
Courses: Covenants, Leading People, Intro to Counseling
What is KSM?
KSM is Koinonia School Of Ministry. Our goals are to:
  • Help students form a deeper understanding of God’s word.
  • Bring participants to closer relationship to the Lord.
  • Build up leaders to serve the local church.
What does the program consist of and how long will it take to complete?
KSM offers three 18-week terms, to earn your Christian Ministry Certification. In these three terms students will be brought through:
  • 9 courses covering:  Bible, Theology, Leadership and Counseling.
  • Practical ministry application.
How much does KSM cost?
$425 for all three terms and books for each class.
When can I sign up?
August 2020, August 2021, December 2022.
What level of education do I need to have to apply?
The courses are college level. You will need the ability to keep up with reading and writing assignments.
What is the time commitment for KSM?
Classes will meet primarily on Mondays for 3 hours and homework requires about 3-5 hours per week. In addition, practical ministry training will be held on 3 scheduled Saturdays throughout each term–approximately 18 months.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions will this class be online or live?
Our goal is to meet in person, abiding by all State and local mandates. Social distancing and sanitizing precautions will be enforced. However, if there are no other options, we will continue through distance learning on an internet platform.