June 27, 2014: Take Off Your Shoes

June 27, 2014

 Dear Church Family,

Most people think you are sane if you talk to God but when He talks to you – some think you're crazy. God spoke to those in Biblical times and He is still speaking today.

What He says to us, however, is sometimes a different matter…

Last Sunday God talked to us as a family about the summer months. June 21 – Sept 23. He simply said: “ Walk Barefoot” throughout the next three months.

O.K. – I hear you! If you were not with us on Sunday, you might be asking: WHAT?

Whenever you read a scripture and take it out of the overall context, you set yourself up for misinterpretations. The same is true for when you hear Him speak – No, you don't need to donate your shoes and sandals to a good cause because He was using spiritual terminology. (1 Cor. 2:13)

We concluded the series: ‘God Is' on Sunday by focusing on the theme: ‘God Is Holy.' And Exodus 3:5 was intended to speak a direct word to all those present.

This verse has to do with Moses – when he was approaching a burning bush. God speaks and says: “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Holy Ground is found wherever you plant your feet – and realize it is ‘set apart' for God's work.

Holy Ground can be found at a Church service on any given day because that building has been ‘set apart' for His purposes. Like Moses, you can discover Holy Ground in a remote area or even in a park where someone is getting married. It is Holy Ground because Holy Matrimony takes place. – God's presence makes any ground Holy!

THIS SUMMER God wants the Koinonia Church family to walk ‘Barefoot.' Remembering the places you frequent are to be ‘set apart' for His work. When this happens you stand on Holy Ground!
Lev. 20:26 “You are to be holy to me because I the LORD, am holy and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.”

Three suggestions for the summer months:

1. Whenever you slip off your shoes – wherever you may be – verbally declare that place belongs to God.
2. When you go to your place of employment – walk into a shopping center, visit a mall or a coffee shop, declare it as Holy Ground and pause to quietly pray for Gods rule to be established there.
3. Look for opportunities to serve people you meet. Everyone has needs and you might be the one God uses to meet them.

Summer is a time to relax but not to regress. IF we follow God's directives for this summer – The pursuit of holiness will be experienced in very real ways. The ramifications could be staggering.