January 15, 2016 Update

Dear Koinonia Family,

Love Down Town progress is moving at high speed.

Plans are in the early stages for our move to the new offices that are being remodeled. Soon books, copiers, printers, equipment etc. will be boxed up and readied for the move. Even though the move-in date is not set in cement, it will be SOON! – and that should not be interpreted in the same way Jesus said He is coming back soon – which is 2000+ years ago! Rev 22:10 Lol!

The walls for each office are up – the community workspace along with built-in desks and cabinets are near completion – ceiling tiles are in – Painting is happening and the end is in sight.

Finances continue to come in at a good pace thanks to your faithfulness! Even though the Love Down Town campaign is an 18-month long fund raising drive – we have been able to keep up with costs and pay on a cash basis. With your continued faithfulness to complete the commitment you made toward this project – the office and Café One Eleven will be debt free by the end of the 18 months – God willing!

Next up: The finishing touches and the move. Soon after the offices are relocated – we are looking forward to opening the Café One Eleven.

Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
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