Immerse: The Messiah Immerse Book allows the reader to go through every book of the New Testament in 8 weeks. The text is laid out in a beautiful single-column setting with chapter, verse numbers, section headings, and footnotes removed. Essentially, it’s an easier way to read the Bible. The arrangement of the book highlights the depth of the New Testament’s witness to Jesus the Messiah. This study will help you understand the Bible better than you ever have before. And you won’t be doing it by yourself! Together, during our Fall JOURNEYgroups, we will commit to reading (or listening) to the whole New Testament. This is a big commitment but, one we know will change how you think about scripture, the church, and your life.
Fall JOURNEYgroups run September 8-November 8. Find the group that best fits your schedule here.
Books are available for $10 Sundays during 9 & 11am services
or at our offices, 111 W 7th St #101, Hanford CA 93230, Tuesday-Friday.


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