2021: The Emerging Leader Summit
SAVE THE DATES! Mark your calendars for August 27-28
The Emerging Leader Summit is for you! Mark those calendars!
This year, our guest speaker is Dr. David Cannistraci, lead pastor of Gateway City Church in San Jose. Having served around the world for over 35 years as a pastor, missionary, author, church planter, community leader and growth strategist, he is known building an innovative church, inspiring leaders, and cultivating unity in his city. Dr. Cannistraci has written two books; Apostles and the Emerging Apostolic Movement and God’s Vision for Your Church.
Stay tuned for more information.
Registration starts the last week in July.

2020: Taking Team Culture To The Next Level

Growing and impactful world-class churches embrace the team structure and ministry philosophy. Solo leadership is out, and teams are in. You can build team players with team values who build a team culture. This Intensive will impact all leaders at all levels to become strong team players who build dynamic teams and nurture team leaders with skill and heart.

2019: Game Changers

Game Changers are people who make a significant difference and impact wherever they serve or lead. Game Changers alter strategies, redesign structures, move the ball for a win, and think differently. These sessions are built for all people in all different arenas of leadership in the church, marketplace, education, creatives and professionals.