2021: Royals
WE ARE ROYALS! We are co-heirs with Christ! A royal priesthood–called to build His kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our guest speaker; Dr. David Cannistraci, along with Pastor Andrew Cromwell, will unpack what this means for us–no matter where we find ourselves.
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2020: Taking Team Culture To The Next Level

Growing and impactful world-class churches embrace the team structure and ministry philosophy. Solo leadership is out, and teams are in. You can build team players with team values who build a team culture. This Intensive will impact all leaders at all levels to become strong team players who build dynamic teams and nurture team leaders with skill and heart.

2019: Game Changers

Game Changers are people who make a significant difference and impact wherever they serve or lead. Game Changers alter strategies, redesign structures, move the ball for a win, and think differently. These sessions are built for all people in all different arenas of leadership in the church, marketplace, education, creatives and professionals.