Are you currently, or have you thought about, hosting church in your home? That’s the way the early church did it and it still works today! We miss meeting together in the big building, but there is something special about meeting in homes. 

  • Homes are about family and building relationships. 
  • Homes are conducive to conversation and encouragement because you sit in circles rather than rows.
  • Homes are at the center of family life; the very place that Jesus desires to live.
  • Homes are a powerful place of ministry!

Did you know there is a specific blessing over homes that Jesus instructed His disciples to speak as they entered? In Luke 10:5. Jesus commands, “Whenever you enter someone’s home, first say, ‘May God’s peace be on this house.’” 
In this season, God wants to do something special INSIDE and THROUGH people’s homes. I am asking the Lord to raise up men and women who want their homes to be places of ministry, healing, and life. I am daring to believe that the church can grow in this season, not just spiritually but numerically. 
Our desire is to see a home church in every neighborhood of our community. That means every neighborhood in Kings County! Wouldn’t that be incredible?
If you are currently hosting church in your home or if you are willing to begin, would you let us know by clicking here? We want to encourage you and resource you with things like discussion guides and sermon notes, early access to weekend videos, and more. 
We want your house to be FILLED with His Presence, Peace, and Power!
In Him,
Andrew Cromwell
Lead Pastor