May 23, 2020 – Statement on Reopening

May 23, 2020
Koinonia Church Family,

This Sunday will be the 11th Sunday since we moved services online and I miss you! I know that this has been a season of refraining from embracing (Ecclesiastes 3:5), but I’m ready for it to be a time to embrace once again! Like all seasons, it has come with both its own trouble (Matthew 6:34) as well as its blessings, and I am determined to allow the Lord to do all He desires. But, I’m ready for a season shift! 

As things do begin to move towards reopening, I want you to know what to expect as far as church gatherings are concerned. As a staff, as a board of elders, and as a community of Kings County pastors, we have been actively engaged in planning to return once again to our buildings. For Koinonia that means the following:

  • We will continue to move according to federal, state and local guidelines and work with local health officials as to when we can reopen again. President Trump has put this issue center stage and so we anticipate additional direction from our state governor in the coming days. We will not be opening this weekend and I anticipate we may still be several weeks out from beginning a phased reopening. As a church we have a large footprint in this community and that also means we have a large impact and we want to do this well. If you would like to read a statement that I put together explaining my reasoning further (written before President Trump’s statements), you can do so here
  • While the building may be closed, the church certainly isn’t! We believe that meeting in homes in small gatherings right now to worship is the first step towards gathering together. I would love to hear from you about how you will be doing this! Please be wise and careful to follow health guidelines (gatherings of 10 or less and protective measures in place) so that we can continue to protect those who are physically weak among us. Please see details on how you can do this on our Neighbor to Neighbor page.
  • Speaking of Neighbor to Neighbor, have you reached out to your neighbors and started building community intentionally? This intentional act of love for your neighbors will help us continue to be a church that is igniting contagious faith in the One God who restores all!
  • Part of the decision of when we reopen will be influenced by the quality of our fellowship together. Social distancing, sitting in family clumps separated from one another, face coverings, not being able to hug one another, not having children’s programs — all of these are very real possibilities for our gatherings, not to mention greatly reduced service sizes. Depending on how many of these things we must implement might mean us waiting a little bit longer to reopen. As one of our staff pastors said to me last week, “Meeting in homes for a while sounds MUCH better than doing all of those things!”
  • Ultimately, when we reopen will also be a matter of the Lord directing us. He is our leader first and while we are in submission to federal, state, and local officials, we are not driven by them. We will reopen when we feel He has given us the green light and not before.

We need your help during this planning process too! I need to know how you feel about coming back and under what circumstances. Would you please take a few minutes to help us know how you are feeling? Your voice is critical right now. Please fill out this questionnaire about reopening.


We will be together again!


Pax est Christus,

Pastor Andrew
Lead Pastor

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