JOURNEYgroups start September 13
Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life. Life doesn’t always go as planned. At some point, you’ll face impossible obstacles and barriers — situations that make you think there’s no way this is going to work out. But God wants to help you handle uncertainty when it comes your way. He is ready and willing to give you a breakthrough, but it doesn’t just happen spontaneously; breakthroughs happen when you seek them. And the way you seek them is through prayer.

Throughout the 40 Days of Prayer series, you will learn how to cultivate a powerful prayer life and experience breakthrough in your relationship challenges, financial difficulties, bad habits, health crisis, and many other areas of your life. Don’t miss a single weekend of this life-changing series!
40 Days of Prayer Workbook
This all-in-one workbook is the hub of your 40 Days of Purpose experience! The workbook contains the study guide for each small group lesson, daily prayer prompts, space for weekly sermon notes, and suggestions for further study. 
Available for purchase at One Eleven (Mon-Sat 7a-7p) for $20.
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This fall JOURNEYgroups are 10 weeks. Starting the week of  September 13-November 15.  We have groups that will meet in person (Following CDC guidelines) and Zoom groups.
If you can’t find a group that fits your schedule consider starting your own! Email Pastor Chad to get started.
Weekend Messages
Small Group Sessions
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