Lead Pastor Transition Announced at Koinonia Church

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, Lead Pastor Tim Howard announced publicly a plan for transitioning out of his role in January 2019. Pastor Tim will step into a “Pastor at Large” role on staff as he passes the baton to current Executive Pastor Andrew Cromwell. Tim and Andrew want to model what a healthy transition should look like, something that is often missing in many transitions.
Click here to read the letter Pastor Tim sent out to Koinonia Church regarding the transition. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pastor Tim transitioning?
Tim feels the Lord is leading he and Donna into a new phase of their life. In January 2017, he felt the Holy Spirit begin to speak to him about this upcoming transition, and over the last 18 months has been preparing for this. Galatians 5:25 directs us to “stay in step with the Spirit” and this is exactly what Tim is seeking to do.
Where is Pastor Tim going?
He isn’t going anywhere! He and Donna are not planning on moving and they’re not planning on leaving the church. He will continue as a pastor on staff until mid-2020. We fully anticipate him to stay engaged in ministry for years to come.
Is something wrong at Koinonia?
No! Things are actually very good. The church continues to grow as people come to know Jesus Christ and be baptized, finances are strong, and the church continues to be engaged heavily in the community. The Elder Board and Pastor Tim believe the best time to transition is when things are good, and not to wait until things are bad! 
Who is becoming the next lead pastor?
Pastor Andrew Cromwell. Andrew has been on staff at Koinonia Church for the last 19 years and has served as Executive Pastor for 16. In the role of Executive Pastor, his primary responsibilities have included: vision and operations alignment, oversight and training of the staff, and finances. He and his wife Kerry launched the MarriedLife ministry five years ago which encourages marriages in the church and community. Kerry works as an RN at a local hospital and began leading the women’s ministry in August 2018. Andrew and Kerry have four children ages 12 to 17.
When is this happening?
The transition has been happening behind the scenes over the last 8 months and is now in its public phase. The official transition service will happen during worship services on Sunday, January 20, 2019.
Who is stepping into Andrew’s role?
Pastor Candace Cortez who has served for the last five years as our student pastor. Her gift mix, powerful leadership capacity, and excellent communication skills, along with her spiritual insight make her a great fit for this role. 
And what about our junior and senior high students?
Candace will continue to lead in this department for the next 12-18 months as she prepares the person filling her role. That announcement will be made soon.
How should I feel about this?
This is exciting and we believe you should be excited! We are entering a new life stage at Koinonia Church and that means new opportunities and new growth.
I still have questions, what do I do?
We love questions! Feel free to contact us directly through our emails on our staff page or call the church office at 559-582-1528.