Reopening our Church Building

The following reflects our thinking regarding reopening our church building as of May 22, 2020.
Our Commitment:
We will preach in season and out of season no matter what! We will love and care for our church and our community according to Jesus’ directive. We believe loving the weakest in our community will sometimes mean restricting ourselves and our gatherings.
Our Understanding:
Our federal, state, and local governments are not persecuting Christianity nor directing us to stop preaching the gospel. They are doing their best to care for our society as a whole by creating guidelines to reduce the spread of a disease. We do not believe that ignoring these guidelines is helpful and may in fact cause greater physical harm. We are persuaded that the application of these guidelines has been inconsistent and at times onerous and are pleased to see that the courts and federal justice department are being engaged to make adjustments where needed. This is a wonderful part of the system of our country. In all this, as followers of Christ we are called to be submissive to authority (Romans 13:1). We do not see that our authorities are directing us to be disobedient to God’s authority. Furthermore, we are called to be healers in our community and we take this role seriously.
Our Desire:
  • To reopen our churches as quickly and as safely as is reasonable.
  • To be unified as the church of Kings County in our general strategy, knowing that every individual church will modify particular timelines and procedures based on their individual needs.
  • To communicate to our local leaders and our community at large this commitment.

To Our Church and Community:

  • We encourage individuals and families to deepen their personal relationship with the Lord and pursue Him through prayer and study of the Word.
  • We are available to support and encourage individuals and families as they are challenged during this season in many ways. We are available to help meet practical needs such as food and financial assistance, emotional needs such as marriage and family counseling, dealing with anxiety and fear, and overcoming addictive behaviors, and of course, spiritual support.
  • We encourage small gatherings of believers together in homes for worship. Per guidelines this can be up to 10 people and they should abide by all the recommended health measures including social distancing and face coverings and additional cleansing of common surfaces. We believe that this is a powerful expression of the church and encourage people to step into their God given roles as spiritual priests.
  • We are actively working with local officials and encouraging them to do everything possible to make adjustments to the quarantine restrictions that are prudent and beneficial for our rural county.
  • We are seeking to utilize many ways for the church to continue to be available to the community including live streaming services, drive-through and drive-in events and services, services in homes, and other creative ways to meet spiritual needs.
  • When we do open, we are planning on being prudent and sensitive to the health needs of our community. We will use a variety of tools to protect our congregations. Social distancing, not passing offering plates, wearing face coverings, temperature checks, additional sanitization measures, and other practices may be used. We are united in our commitment to doing things in a way that maximizes people’s safety as we gather together in larger groups.