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Here’s how you can get involved! 
  • Follow the Seek God for the City prayer guide (available on church office during week or at Guest Services on Sundays) or download the App [Google Play or iTunes store]
  • Set an alarm to remind you to pray every day for the next 40 days
  • Consider setting aside a day to fast
  • Find a prayer partner! Accountability is amazing! 
  • Text “prayer” to 559-500-4830 for weekly text reminders!
  • Join a prayer meeting: 
    • Pre-service prayer every Sunday at 8:40 and 10:40 in the Great Room
    • Early Morning Prayer- MWF 7:30am in the Main Auditorium 
    • Lunch Hour Prayer with church staff- Thursdays 12:15-12:45 in the Main Auditorium 


Things to Keep in Mind as you Prepare to Fast
In Matthew 6, Jesus places fasting on the same level as giving and praying. He said, “When you give…when you pray…when you fast.” Often times in the church today we do not place the three on the same level. We have special collections to finance a particular project. We may even gather for a dedicated time of prayer as we seek a special movement of God. But, rarely do we gather or call on the local congregation to combine fasting with either one. Jesus, Himself demonstrated to us that all three go together.
         Additionally, Scripture, prayer and fasting are ways that as believers we humble ourselves before God. Humility draws us closer and closer to God.
Though I cannot fully explain how the exercise of depriving oneself of food can draw one closer to God. I can offer that putting God above oneself can be a humbling experience. I can also offer that God’s Word promises that at the appropriate time He will exalt and lift us up.
I offer seven (7) things to keep in mind as you fast.
  1. If God does not call you to fast, don’t fast!
    (Fasting is a God led enterprise; do not assume that you have been called to fast without first approaching God. Trust Him to tell you the kind and length of your fast)

  1. Focus on God and honor Him.
    (Fasting brings a sharp focus to the difference between our physical and spiritual natures. Focus on God and feed the spiritual nature.)
  1. Have a spiritual purpose in mind from the start. (You will experience physical changes, but that should not be the overall goal…e.g. weight-loss)
  1. Submit yourself to the authority of God’s Word. (Absorb large quantities of Scripture into your life through hearing, reading studying, memorizing and meditating on God’s Word)
  1. Acknowledge and repent of sin that is revealed to you. (Prepare to hear and act on what God reveals to you during the fast.)
  1. Depriving yourself of natural desires and lusts should lead you to focus on spiritual things. (Keep a journal of your purposes for the fast. This should include prayer requests, devotional thoughts and spiritual insights gained during the fast.)
  1. Pray fervently and continually (Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to identify and lead you to confess and repent of all revealed sin before and during the fast as unconfessed sin can hinder your prayer and fasting.)

Pastor Rolland Slade
Meridian Baptist Church
El Cajon, CA

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