Notes from Pastor Tim

January 15, 2016 Update

Dear Koinonia Family,

Love Down Town progress is moving at high speed.

Plans are in the early stages for our move to the new offices that are being remodeled. Soon books, copiers, printers, equipment etc. will be boxed up and readied for the move. Even though the move-in date is not set in cement, it will be SOON! – and that should not be interpreted in the same way Jesus said He is coming back soon – which is 2000+ years ago! Rev 22:10 Lol!

The walls for each office are up – the community workspace along with built-in desks and cabinets are near completion – ceiling tiles are in – Painting is happening and the end is in sight.

Finances continue to come in at a good pace thanks to your faithfulness! Even though the Love Down Town campaign is an 18-month long fund raising drive – we have been able to keep up with costs and pay on a cash basis. With your continued faithfulness to complete the commitment you made toward this project – the office and Café One Eleven will be debt free by the end of the 18 months – God willing!

Next up: The finishing touches and the move. Soon after the offices are relocated – we are looking forward to opening the Café One Eleven.

Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
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December 2, 2015 Update

Roof repaired, drywall going up and lights coming up next! Now we’re cooking with gas.

October 27, 2015

The framers have been busy! What was once an empty space, is now filled with the outlines of new offices, restrooms and our coffee shop. The electrician has also been busy right alongside the framer, getting all the new sockets, phone and data lines, and circuits prepped and ready. The mechanical sub (air conditioning) has been buys hanging ductwork into every space so that we can stay nice and comfy!
While working on installing our new AC units on the roof, we discovered an area of the roof that had been damaged by water that wasn’t caught in our initial inspection. The roofer will be repairing this section of the roof and the plumber will add a few more drains so we will be ready for this WET winter season!
Next up is drywall!
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September 25, 2015 Update

Work has begun in earnest over the last few weeks! While the pics below are not very exciting, we all know that some of the most important work happens UNDERGROUND!

The demolition crew came in and removed the old t-bar ceiling and all the old fluorescent lights. The new building code is extremely stringent when it comes to light fixtures, so we couldn’t really save anything. Although we did discover that the old insulation was the really thick stuff that we saved and will reuse which will make the building even more energy efficient! We did have asbestos in the sheetrock, so that required an extra week to seal and test, but now all the offending material has been removed and we are on our way.

The plumber has cut the foundation, as you can see in the pictures, and laid the plumbing work for our two new bathrooms (one for the café and one for the offices) as well as the floor sinks for the café. During this process we discovered that the building was connected to the sewer with a 3″ pipe when it should have been connected with a 4″. This means that we will have to unexpectedly run a new 4″ line to connect to the sewer so that we don’t have to take turns flushing the toilets and making coffee!

The electrician is busy as well — more to come about their work in the next update.

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August 14, 2015 Update

Dear Koinonia Family,

We are very, very close to things moving on our Love Downtown project! The anticipation level about our coffee shop is much higher than we ever anticipated, with people stopping us on the street and saying how excited they are to have a coffee shop in the heart of downtown. The coffee shop concept has been more popular and well received than we expected. Praise God!

The finances needed for the project are coming in strongly. Because of the generosity of God’s people, we have:

  • $236,657 in pledges of the $350,000 goal
  • $117,273 in collected Love Downtown offerings
  • $154,324 cash on hand (Love Downtown offerings plus our building fund)

This is enough for us to get started NOW!

  • We have plans in hand.
  • We have the building permit from the city.
  • Next week we expect the final demolition to begin with work on plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical to follow shortly thereafter.

This first phase will cost about $125,000. In order to keep us moving steadily, we are praying that the next $100,000 will come in quickly. Once we begin work, the question, “How long will it take to complete?” will be determined by whether or not we can sign the next batch of contracts. Please be praying with us that the finances will continue to be given.

Our prayer is that 1 Chronicles 29:9 would be true of our church family: The people rejoiced over the offerings, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD, and King David was filled with joy.

Thank you!


Tim Howard
Lead Pastor

June 27, 2014: Take Off Your Shoes

June 27, 2014

 Dear Church Family,

Most people think you are sane if you talk to God but when He talks to you – some think you're crazy. God spoke to those in Biblical times and He is still speaking today.

What He says to us, however, is sometimes a different matter…

Last Sunday God talked to us as a family about the summer months. June 21 – Sept 23. He simply said: “ Walk Barefoot” throughout the next three months.

O.K. – I hear you! If you were not with us on Sunday, you might be asking: WHAT?

Whenever you read a scripture and take it out of the overall context, you set yourself up for misinterpretations. The same is true for when you hear Him speak – No, you don't need to donate your shoes and sandals to a good cause because He was using spiritual terminology. (1 Cor. 2:13)

We concluded the series: ‘God Is' on Sunday by focusing on the theme: ‘God Is Holy.' And Exodus 3:5 was intended to speak a direct word to all those present.

This verse has to do with Moses – when he was approaching a burning bush. God speaks and says: “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Holy Ground is found wherever you plant your feet – and realize it is ‘set apart' for God's work.

Holy Ground can be found at a Church service on any given day because that building has been ‘set apart' for His purposes. Like Moses, you can discover Holy Ground in a remote area or even in a park where someone is getting married. It is Holy Ground because Holy Matrimony takes place. – God's presence makes any ground Holy!

THIS SUMMER God wants the Koinonia Church family to walk ‘Barefoot.' Remembering the places you frequent are to be ‘set apart' for His work. When this happens you stand on Holy Ground!
Lev. 20:26 “You are to be holy to me because I the LORD, am holy and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.”

Three suggestions for the summer months:

1. Whenever you slip off your shoes – wherever you may be – verbally declare that place belongs to God.
2. When you go to your place of employment – walk into a shopping center, visit a mall or a coffee shop, declare it as Holy Ground and pause to quietly pray for Gods rule to be established there.
3. Look for opportunities to serve people you meet. Everyone has needs and you might be the one God uses to meet them.

Summer is a time to relax but not to regress. IF we follow God's directives for this summer – The pursuit of holiness will be experienced in very real ways. The ramifications could be staggering.


July 15, 2014: Summer & New Offices

Church Family,

As I began my summer vacation last week, I left with a heart full of expectation for what God has for us in the second half of 2014. In my last note to you, I encouraged you to “keep your shoes off” this summer because God is going to be doing some holy things and we don't want to miss it. Donna and I are seeking to do just that, and are expecting that God is going to meet us in powerful ways.

Today, I am writing to update you on what is happening with our plans for office space. As you may recall, in December of last year, I wrote to let you know about plans to purchase the old FAST building in downtown Hanford. At that point, we were in the midst of purchasing the property and it appeared that all signs pointed to “Go!”

However, as we engaged in the inspections process during escrow, we discovered that the costs associated with renovating that particular building for our purposes were going to take us beyond our budget. And so, with very heavy hearts, we exited the purchase.

However, we still believed that God was calling us to establish a presence in downtown Hanford and so we continued to keep our eyes open and our prayers directed to heaven. I am happy to announce to you today that we believe God has answered our prayer.

Earlier this month, we closed on 111 W. 7th Street. The building was formerly Artisans Custom Framing and is located across the street from El Tarasco restaurant. Here is the rundown:

Approximately 5,000 square feet and in very good condition.
Centrally located downtown.
Includes seven parking spaces behind the building.
Economical to refurbish for our purposes!
We are currently in the process of identifying specific costs for converting this space into offices. We also would very much like to establish a space designed for public use. Currently, we are investigating the possibility of opening a small coffee shop at the front of the building. The space would be open for business during the day and then double as a meeting area for Koinonia in the evening.

In the coming weeks, we will be updating you more specifically about the costs of the project. We are still planning on being able to save $100,000 to $200,000 by refurbishing a downtown space versus building a new building on campus. Currently, we have been able to purchase the building with cash from our savings. We would very much like to finance the project with cash as well, but will need the help and support of our church family to do so. As soon as I know more, we will update you on more specifics. Of course, if you would like to give towards this project at any time, simply indicate on your offering envelope or check “office project.”

Through all of this I have been reminded that summer is not a time just to take a break, but to keep moving forward! Of course, the key is to move forward in His strength, and not ours. His ways are always better. When we take off our shoes and let Him do the work, we see that He has known best all along.

Serving Him Together,