The idea of joy will be the focus of our yearly Christmas giving opportunities. 
We have two opportunities to shine in our sphere of influence.
Joy Project
For the first 3 Sundays in December we are going to take an offering and on Saturday, December 22, we are going to gather together and give surprise gifts through out the community of Hanford and Lemoore.  Maybe we buy someone’s groceries while they are checking out at Walmart or pay for someone’s gas tank to be filled.  The ideas are endless.  But the main idea is to take money and bless people.  In these transactions we hope to build a platform for Christ.  We want to not only bless people but invite them to church!  This will be a great opportunity to share your faith.  The main motivator is not to give a bunch of people gifts for the sake of good deeds, but to create opportunities for Christ to work in the individual’s life. 
Tailoring Schools in India
Care India is trying to expand the number of tailoring schools they have open.  So far, they have over 6,000 women successfully graduate from their trade schools and gain employment at a garment factory or start their own business from their home.  Care India currently has 3 tailoring schools and are looking to add one more by the end of the year!  The schools help support women from the villages gain employment and help their families fight against poverty.  They also serve as “service centers”, which are undercover churches that actually function as a true service center as well.  Right now Care India has started 169 churches in South India and out of the 169, 85 are “service centers”. 
• $100 sponsors one woman through school, including supplies and a sewing machine
• $1,500 sponsors a whole school (15 women!), including supplies and sewing machines
You can give during Sunday Services, just write JOY Project or Tailoring School on your check or tithe envelope. 
You can also give online.  Choose Christmas Giving from the drop down and then choose Joy Project or Tailoring School.