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Starting Point

A new direction, a new journey, a fresh start…starting points are significant.  You may have recently made a decision about your faith.  Maybe you decided to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Maybe you recommitted yourself to Christ after walking on your own.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we want to invite you to join Starting Point.  In these groups we explore being a follower of Jesus together and pursue foundations for our faith journey.
Starting Point begins at 11am and runs for 8 weeks.
September 8
baptism banner1
Baptism is a significant and special event!  Have you recently decided to follow Jesus?  Have you been loving Jesus for years-but never baptized?  Are you curious about the whole thing?  Join us for Baptism class and learn more. 
  • Baptism Classes: November 10. 
Kids and adults must attend baptism class.  You will be dismissed after worship, a parent or guardian must accompany child.
  • Baptism Sunday’s: November 17  
Baptism class must be taken before Baptism.
No need to register, just show up to class. 
Discovery is for those new to Koinonia who want to find out more about who we are, what we believe and how to be part of it!  If you believe God has planted you here in this church, this class is a must!  Our goal is to move people in Koinonia to a deeper commitment and greater service for Christ.  Discovery is held on Sunday evenings at 5pm.  Dinner and childcare are included!
Discovery Classes are held at 5pm on October 27, please register by October 20.
Register at Guest Services or here
Thinking about dedicating your child to the Lord?  Join us as we talk about what dedication means and the important part parents play.  This class must be taken before participating in a Child Dedication service. 

Child Dedication Classes are held on the following dates during both the 9am & 11am services, you will be dismissed following worship:

  • Classes: November 10
  • Child dedication services: November 17 at 12:45pm. Child dedication class must be taken first.
No need to register, just show up to the class.