Neighbor to Neighbor.
The idea is simple. Be a connector in your neighborhood. Reach out to your neighbors and create a network of care to meet needs and build relationships. Many of you already have these kinds of informal networks working, but if you add a little more structure it can become truly powerful.
Imagine 10-15 neighbors on your street who formerly barely knew each other, now a part of a caring community that looks out for and encourages each other. Imagine this network being a place where people can troubleshoot problems, get some emergency TP, and just talk. And imagine being able to feed people spiritual food that is life-giving.
Now imagine a moment when you will be able to invite those people over to your home for a Bible study or to watch an online service together. This is how the church can MULTIPLY!
Some of you have already done this and are leading the way for us. Thank you! The strategy is simple but powerful.
  • Write a letter to your neighbors (below are examples) inviting them to be a part of your own neighborhood network.
  • Setup a Facebook Group or WhatsApp group or some other network of your choice. You could do a weekly Zoom call or even a morning coffee gathering outside.
  • Be a life-giver in this network! Encourage people, solve problems, love unconditionally and lead with hope.
  • Look for God-given opportunities for ministry and when they happen, jump right in!
Finally, tell me about it! I want to hear how you make this idea yours and how things come to life in your neighborhood. Perhaps you already have a few people on your street that all go to Koinonia — plan this strategy together!
Email me and tell me what’s going on at
UPDATE: We have recently talked with our county health officials and they have indicated that they encourage people to get together FOR WORSHIP in their homes! Thank God for local leaders who see this critical need and want to make room for it! If and when you decide to do this please remember the following health guidelines:
      • 10 people or fewer
      • Sanitize common surfaces
      • Use face coverings and social distancing
      • Ask people who are sick or have a fever or are 65 or older or immuno-compromised to not attend.
Let’s take the city for His Kingdom!