Refresh 2018 Marriage Conference
February 9-10 at Tenaya Lodge
The Marriage Refresher is designed to do just that–Refresh. It will not fix every challenge you face in your relationship, nor will it erase all the mistakes of the past. But it will give you the opportunity to get away–Just the Two of you – and take a deep refreshing breath! Isn’t it time you escaped the daily grind and ran away together, just to breathe again?
During our gatherings we will talk about tools and strategies designed to build our relationship for the long term. You’ll be reminded of some things forgotten and perhaps add a few new tools to your marriage toolbox. In the evening and during our breaks, enjoy all the winter activities at Tenaya including snowshoe hiking, ice skating and sledding. And if that all sounds too fast paced, you can always schedule a massage, a horse drawn sleigh ride or hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

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