The Next Collide will be here February 2019!

Ever had a job where you had no previous experience, no training, you couldn’t quit, and people’s lives were at stake? That’s parenting!
Our job as parents is crucial. We want to partner with you and other parents who are in the same life stage to give you hope and a plan.
Collide is a super fun, one-night, all inclusive event for parents AND kids. Families will experience engaging large group,
fun and games, and then break into smaller groups. As your kids have fun with others their age, parents will connect
in breakout sessions designed to equip you at whatever stage your family is in!

Breakout Sessions for the Parents

from our March 2017 Collide

Just for Dads
This session is all about the guys! We have an amazing panel of dads from all stages of parenting. Come ask questions, hear some stories, and maybe learn a trick or two about being the best dad you can be! 
Contentment : Comparison Trap
Sylvia Gaston and Roger Watson
It’s not easy living in a world where keeping up with the Jones’ is the norm. Come and find out how to teach your children (and yourself!) the value and practice of contentment.
Raising Kingdom Kids: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Leslie and Greg Martinez
As Christian parents, we are all called to train up a child in the way they should go. This is a lifelong adventure, and it’s not always pretty.
Maximizing Technology
Candace Cortez and Kerry Cromwell Technology doesn’t have to be the enemy! We are two moms who could never be called tech savvy. But we know our children are growing up more connected to the digital age than ever. Come learn about some ways to use technology to connect with your kids and make sure you are in charge of your tech and not the other way around!
Preparing to Launch
Bill and Karen Newton
Preparing your teenager to follow Christ as they leave home is one of the more challenging stages. If you are here now, or it’s around the corner, this session may be the one for you!